Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Kitchen Confessional: a shallot sin

All I can say is I LOVE a shallot. Why use that plain old yellow onion, though it does have its uses I cannot discount, when you can French it up with a trendy shallot? Your eyes don't stream rivers of tears as much, it's a pretty purple color, it's small and makes you feel all delicate to chop it up-all kinds of reasons never mind the superb flavor. Ok so last week I was at Trader Joe's and I plucked up a pert little net bag of French Shallots. You know the ones I mean. I took myself back to my domicile and realized with dumbstruck horror (I usually know everything that resides in my kitchen-Virgos are very anal people) that I had shallots sitting right there in my veggie bin! What to do? You can't WASTE a good shallot! So I wrapped up the new ones in "cling film" as my Australian hubby calls it, and I chucked it into the freezer. So today I decide to make beef stew. I pulled out the meat and shallots to thaw, and hummed around at Target, the supermarket, my garden etc. etc. Stew time approached, I unwrapped the shallots and discovered that they were mushy and transparent. They were limp, lifeless shadows of their former sexy selves. "You dummy," my friend Lynne said. "You killed them. You can't freeze fresh vegetables like that. You have to cook them first!" Then she remarked that it was almost along the "duh!" lines of the time I realized my wooden cutting board was warped. I told my husband and he said, in tones of new dawning, "You know,I think it was the dishwasher!" and he was dead serious. Oh how Lynne and I howled...
Oh well. Thanks for listening, now I feel less guilty. I am going to say five "Hail Julia's" and have a glass of wine. But I leave you with this question: What is the deal with the frozen chopped onions in the bag?

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