Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mac & Cheese review: Creole is hot!

I am normally a purist with my M&C. What else could one possibly need but elbows, milk, butter and cheese? And salt, of course. Ohhhh I've had a few variations on a theme in my day. Goat cheese and chicken M&C (c'mon, that's a totally different pasta already), and forget all that bread-crumb topping nonesense that is so church pot-luck. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with church pot-luck, I myself have been to zillions of the things, but that doesn't mean that dried bread belongs in pasta dishes. Well, shut my mouth and send me South because I have found an ingredient that I actually LIKE added to my macaroni and cheese. Tony Cachere's Creole Seasoning. I was sitting in Oddfellow's Rest (, a New Orleans type establishment in Hoboken minding my own business, when I realized that it was Sunday and there was M&C on the menu. For four dollars. Those things may not seem to be related, but they most certainly are. (Sunday and M&C, not four dollars because that is self-explanitory) Sunday is M&C day, because even the Dairy Queen (that would be me) realizes that it isn't a particularly, um...LOWFAT dish we're talking about here. MODERATION, hello. Once a week and I can still pretend I'm thin-ish. Anyhow, I ordered it, and it arrived all orange and gooey-rama in its bowl about ten long minutes later, and had this spice shaker thing with it! I was stunned. Creole seasoning? Seriously? I sprinkled on a bit carefully and then had one bite and dumped it on shamelessly. Oh my word in heaven. It was like a kick in the pants with a velvet boot. Try it, you will LOVE it. Here is the link to the Creole...but I'm sure you can pick it up in the grocery store:
Hey, if anyone out there has a great Mac & Cheese recipe, email it to me and I'll slap it up here. I have been too afraid to try my own recipe out, being that I consider it the perfect food and I don't trust myself.

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