Monday, May 5, 2008

Not so Hot...Lily Movie Theater Popcorn

I really wanted to love this popcorn. I cracked open a smartly packaged bag of it at my friend Renee's, while watching a documentary about the evil genius of Wal-Mart. I broke open another just today in front of the worst movie on earth (Milo in case you were wondering), just me and Teddy snuggled up with our big bowl of butter. I mean popcorn. Pardon the slip-but that is essentially what is wrong with this product. Each kernel is a crispy butter-sponge, leaving your hands slick with oil, and your mouth covered in some kind of crazy, salty film. There is no possible way to eat this popcorn by the greedy fistful, it is way too rich for that true popcorn experience. Lily's latest has all the right things going for it with real butter, milk, canola oil, salt; it just doesn't taste good. Sigh. Maybe it's because part of the whole "buttered popcorn" thing is HOT butter, not room temperature oiliness.
Yeah, I know we all love to go to the movies, push the little butter-squirt thing that ejaculates butter-flavored oil into our tubs, but that's the way it should be at the movies. "So bad it's good" popcorn is perfect while you're kicking around Dots boxes on the way to your seat, or wasting time through those dumb trivia questions. It should NOT come out of a bag from the supermarket, and it really doesn't. Sadly, it is just another terribly fattening popcorn disappointment. I'm leaving the rest for Teddy.

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