Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pink is the New White

I am a salt addict. I blame you, mom. Ahhh, the white salt of the 70’s. That shy girl with the umbrella, such a cute little death merchant she was. She had my mother firmly clutched in her tight tiny fist. She salted everything, my mother. Scrambled eggs (perfectly understandable), salad, pizza, McDonald’s cheeseburgers. Never was a food tasted before being sprinkled heavily with the white death. It almost makes me nostalgic to think about how simple salt was back then. Almost. Now there are a rainbow of salts gracing markets and grocery shelves, a multi-cultural scraping of the earth’s seas. It’s wonderful, and salt is now…a spice.
My hat goes off to Murray River Salt for having the most delicate flakes with the most delicious flavor. And such a pretty color! Not only is it delicious on practically everything, it’s environmentally sound. Australia has water issues, and the purchase of this salt helps keep the de-salination process going, creating a less salty dwindling water supply.
It’s a bit pricey, but listen it is so worth it when you have guests over and they pass around the salt pot and ooh and ahh over it and stick a little on their tongues for melting!
It’s happened, trust me.
So pick it up at Whole Foods right off the shelf, or order online at: and get yourself in the pink, baby.

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Craig said...

Salt! I never knew it came in different colors. It was a revelation to me a few years ago when I discovered kosher salt and sea salt. Now river salt? Cool!

I just wish it wasn't bad for you.

Did you read the book by the guy who wrote "Cod"? (It's called "Salt") I only remember it because a few years ago someone asked George W. Bush what he was reading and he mentioned it, so it was in all the late-night monologues.