Friday, May 2, 2008

Why Dish?

Several reasons. Firstly, it was a nickname given to me in high school and STILL those people call me that, even though I am way past the age of cutesy nicknames. (Well, not that far past it. Maybe a couple of blocks...definitely not miles!) Secondly, it is time to have my very own, unedited by any other hand but my own, place to wax poetic about what I love. And, most importantly, I do love to dish about all things culinary! The way I see it, this blog is part food diary, part stand-up routine, and part gossip column. Fun, right?
So grab a plate and hold tightly onto your wigs and car keys (a real warning at Coney Island's Cyclone roller-coaster ride which should have included "don't forget your neckbrace") because heeeeere we go!
mmmmmmussels... (thank God they taste better than they look.) For the most delicious mussels shipped fresh to your door after being plucked from the Sound, check out /taylorshellfish/index2.html

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Anonymous said...

love what you've done so far, keep it up!